Well today my family and I had to have physicals since we're going to foster and hopefully adopt. I was SO nervous, because I thought I would have to have my finger pricked, have shots, and have my reflexes checked. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I had to have another shot for chickenpox. I got pretty nervous about that because I thought it would hurt pretty badly, but luckily it wasn't nearly as bad or painful as I thought it would be. I was sweating TO DEATH in the doctor's office because of how nervous I was. I probably sound like a wimp, but I HATE needles penetrating my skin. My left arm was feeling pretty weak after the physical, and it hurts to rest it on something hard like a chair, but I'm feeling much better now that I've had some turkey soup, yeast rolls, and water.

(Comment and tell me how many times I said 'nervous.')


  1. You said "nervous" 3 times. You also spelled chickenpox wrong. You also forgot the abundance of biohazard warnings.

  2. Are you SURE I spelled chickenpox wrong? Check again Mr. Analyzer (Oh, did I spell analyzer wrong?). LOL!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!! HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Anna Gray!
    Oh I hate getting shots! Ugh!
    Emily Grace! :{)

  4. They're not that bad, Anna Gray has pinched me worse. As long as you look away and don't close your eyes you'll barely feel it.


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