A Prayer Request

Here's a pic of Henry

Hello again all you lovely people of the world, well my hamster Henry has had this humongous hump on the top of his arm for about a week or less. I got REALLY worried about it, so we took him to the vet today(3-6-09)and he has a tumor :(. To have the tumor removed, he would have to have his little leg amputated which would make me bawl, and it would be expensive. So he will have to live with the tumor which could spread or shrink. It can't go away (unless God allows it) and the vet said he can live up to 6 months or another year which is normal life span for hamsters. What's good though is he's not in pain and he can run on his wheel and do normal activity. As long as he's eating, drinking, and pooping he will be perfectly fine, but if you all could pray for him, that would be great.


  1. Sorry about your hamster!!! I love your ipod!Do you mind if I copy off you with the sparkles for the ipod?
    Emily Grace

  2. Thanks for the comment Emily Grace! I don't mind one bit if you copy my ipod, I'm not the type that gets all annoyed or angry over ppl who copy stuff from me. It happens a lot with other friends, but I don't mind. Thanks for commenting!

    -A.G. :D :) :O


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