Ok, I do a home school group called Classical Conversations at Rich Fork. There is something called Memory Masters that we can choose to do near the end of the year if we want too. First, let me tell you what Classical actually 'is'. In Classical, we memorize 192 pieces of information and we have to say all of it first for our mom, then somebody else's mom (who's in the group), about twelve weeks worth of each subject for the tutor, and then just a few weeks for the director. So that's Classical/Memory Masters. Anyway, I got Memory Masters and last night My family and I celebrated! We had so much fun. First we had supper at Golden Corral and it wasn't crowded one bit, then we dropped my brother and my dad off at Barnes & Noble, and Mom and I went shopping for some Spring clothes for me. After we were done shopping for a little over and hour I walked out with 'two' things. I know, you're probably thinking 'Get a Life, I can buy whole wardrobe in an hour." But hey, I'm having to pay for my clothes this year (except for my Easter dress, Mom bought that for me). When we were through shopping, we picked up my brother and my dad and went to the theater to see 'Bedtime Stories.' It was a really cute movie! I would totally recommend it for anybody to see (just ignore the low cut shirts and the skimpy bikinis). There was nothing sexual or any swearing! Yay!!!!

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