Farewell Rachael & Seth!

Well about five hours ago our cousins had to leave (sniffle). Even though it was a busy tiring weekend, I already miss them! We had so much fun this though, and thank goodness there were no meltdowns, temper-tantrums, or fighting incidents. Seth hung out with Drake pretty much the WHOLE TIME, and Rachael mainly hung out with me. Seth copies everything Drake does too.....literally! If Drake put on his shoes and Seth didn't have his on, he would immediately ask me to put his on, or if Drake said he 'didn't' want ice in his Mountain Dew; Seth would have the same thing. All weekend long Seth wanted only Mom to put on his socks and only 'me' to put on his shoes. I will probably have pics of Drake and me with them tomorrow and if my dad and I can figure out how to work our video camera so that we can put a video on here...then I'll put a video on too! Happy Blogging!!!!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. That is sOoOoOoOoOo funny! Only you could put on his shoes! I think I have a cousin like that too. I only have to cousins so it won't be that hard to find it which cousin it is.

  2. You and Drake must be great cousins cause Rachael and Seth LOVE coming to your house and Seth never wants to leave. If you weren't my niece and nephew I'd want to have you as cousins.



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