I had so much fun last night!

Yesterday around 1:00 in the afternoon, I got to go to my best friend Kiley's house! We had so much fun yesterday/today too! Yesterday we got lemonades, Kiley picked up a husband for her Webkinz horse, we did modeling shoots for our American girl dolls, did two Webkinz weddings (I got the privilege of playing the pastor which I used my webkinz Arabian for...ha ha). The webkinz weddings were HILARIOUS! First we did Kiley's sister's two webkinz wedding (A black poodle and a pink one). We practiced like twice but we kept laughing because McKenna (Kiley's sister), made the poodle have a very 'country' accent. After the second practice we started videoing it and we tried our best not to laugh but then we started to and the video camera completely died. So we did the wedding/the other one without a camera. If I can get the videos from Kiley I'll be sure to post them on here and you can see how talented we are with weddings ;). We also played detective in the dark with Kiley's two other sisters Mckenna and Leah while her dad worked on building a bar. But when he went back inside we pretty much freaked out because we felt 'unprotected' and we went back inside and topped it off watching 'Kate & Leopold.'

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