So is She Miley Again?

So is she going to continue being Hannah Montana.....or Miley?

I know A LOT of you actually probably over half American LOVES Hannah Montana! I must say, I can't stand Hannah Montana because you walk into Wal-Mart and what do you see? Hannah Montana EVERYTHING. At Christmas time I even saw Hannah Montana stockings! Creepy huh? Ok, back to the point. I think that Miley is sort of maturing out of being Hannah Montana which is what the movie was pretty much about is her deciding to be just plain, regular singer 'Miley,' and thank goodness. I will admit I used to be a big fan of Hannah about two years ago but once I heard about her inappropriate photos and I saw her everywhere I didn't really care for her anymore. When I heard that she would be singing on American Idol I thought, "Oh no, what is she going to be singing THIS time?" But she actually was very good. She wore a simple evening gown, and just stood at the microphone and sang instead of dancing and trying to be all sexy and not herself. She sang a really pretty song called 'The Climb.' I still don't just want to go buy a CD of her, but I'm starting to like some of her newer Miley songs than Hannah Montana songs. What I bet will happen, is she will do one more tour around America as Hannah, and as she tours she will tell people that she won't be Hannah anymore, she will be Miley. That's what I predict. Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. I went to see the movie and actually LOVED it! She is not rediculous and there is two song that I LOVE! The movie is clean and awesome! bailey how do you delete a blog

  2. I bought her first CD. It was...ok... I only liked 2 songs. When she sang The Climb on American Idol, that song made it into my Top 15 favorite songs eva!!


  3. i have to admit, as a mom of kids too little to enjoy hannah, i have watched it on saturday mornings. i think she should stick w/being just miley though

  4. I have to admit, I dislike Hannah Montana, but I really did like this movie. I'm like you, I used to LOVE Hannah Montana a couple years ago, but now, not so much. :o
    Well,( if that made any sense) Have fun Blogging! :D
    Emily Grace

  5. Yeah, I really don't like Hannah Montana, and I think that as she gets older, she should mature and just stage herself as Miley Cyrus, it would make her look better anyway. . .



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