Wednesday. . . .

was so much fun! I got to baby-sit Li Li who I have posted about before. She is hilarious! I have got to tell you this too! Ok, so we were eating lunch in the dining room in her house and her dog came in, so I pretended to throw Snickers (her dog) a fry. Apparently Li Li didn't like that so she said....

"No, you not do daht. Daht not fair to Snickers. My mommy said not do daht. Daht's cheating." I was cracking up at that! She is so random! She sometimes will just walk up, blow in peoples faces, and then walk away like nothing happened. She has even offered me cat food to eat. Funny huh? Comment and tell me a funny baby-sitting experience you had! Happy Blogging!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. That is SOOOOO funny!! Li Li sounds sooo random and funny! Nothing as funny as that has happened when I have babysat. But that is funny!!

  2. one time the girl that i was b-sitting all of a sudden burped really loud it was hilarious!


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