Who Will Win?

So, is Adam our future idol? He did great last night! I honestly don't know who will win. I really, really, REALLY want Adam to win though, but Kris has a strong chance of being crowned the next 'American Idol.'

To me, Kris was very lame, dull, and boring last night; and on the song 'No Boundaries' he did horrible! He was extremely flat throughout the song, and the ending was completely off key!!! I really hope that Kris doesn't win. I like him a lot as a person but not as our next Idol.

Adam on the other hand, did a fantastic job. He never misses a single note. I know that a certain friend of mine would say he does, but he doesn't (and didn't). Adam was flawless throughout the whole night. He does go pretty high in most of his songs, but no he is not 'screaming.' Well cross your fingers; because tonight is the night that our next American Idol will be crowned!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. just to mention something i don't like the name Americsn idol @ all because it implies that we are worshipping the singers but i am tatally with you on Adam. he has the cutest hairdo but what's with the nailpolish and the eye liner????

  2. I love love love Kris!!! Hey Anonymous, My mom totally agrees with you on the title of American Idol!! :) Yea, I REALLY disliked the eyeliner and nailpolish on Adam.

  3. I completely agree with u. Adam was awesome and Kris was not. A friend and I stayed up until 1 voting. But I guess Adam could have used a few more votes.. The song 'No Boundaries' was..well..poorly written. But Adam still did an aWeSoMe job!


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