Beach Pics!!!

I LOVE this pic! Rachael looks like a model!!!

This is a pic of my Uncle Grayson, my Aunt Kristle, and my cousins Rachael and Seth

My face when I opened the American Idol tickets on my B-day

A bunch of the clan watching 'The Parent Trap' in my grandparents' room

Playing in the ocean with family

Seth (cousin), Rachael (cousin), and me getting ready to boogie board!

My grandparents

Wow! Mom caught this pic of Drake (my brother) throwing Rachael in the pool...when she was in the air!

My Aunt Kristle (blue shirt) and my Mom

Group picture in pool!

My dad, me, Rachael and Drake at Battery Park in historic downtown Charleston

Sitting in a tree

Mom and Daddy

We went to a delicious restaurant called 'Stickey Fingers'....Rachael was tasting ribs for the first time!

Drake and Seth

We went on a carriage ride and this is a pic of the lady who gave us the tour of historic Charleston

Rachael and me on the carriage

Building a sand wall


  1. Cute pics!!
    Looks like you had fun!!

  2. Awesome girl! I LOVE the pictures you put up on your blog from the beach! From what you've told me I know that you had a super cool and awesome fun time at the beach! Rachael and you could totally be models, too! You both look awesome and look so much alike! (Plus, sorry you didn't get your Hollywood Tan, but a Hollywood Sunburn, LOL) Anyway, I know you had fun! See ya later girl!

    Your BFFFL,

  3. Thanks Kiley! Yea, you're right, I didn't exactly get dark brown...I got sunburnt..but hey..it turned tan...a little...hee hee...

  4. Oh my gosh! I have a mood becklace too!! :) My favorite thing about VBS is hmmm.... well, last year all my class did for recreation was watch the boys in my class play basketball, (so boring!) because there was more boys than girls.This year, the girls have their own special recreation!!
    Oh, my vbs is 14th-18th. Are going to have VBS

  5. Great pictures!
    Looks like it was alot of fun.
    We have a beach trip coming up here in about a month.
    My girls (the twins) get the rest of June and all of July off before they go back to school.
    We are jam packed with stuff to do in July.
    We LOVE going to the beach. It's about an hour and 1/2 drive from where i live. I DO live in Southern California, but not SUPER close to the beach.
    Your mom and dad look young. How old are they?
    So i see you have one brother. How much older than you is he?

    Well have a good Wednesday!

  6. Oh fun! That's cool that you have a mood necklace! I actually got mine as a souvenir from the beach...I bought a mood ring too...but let's just say it didn't work worth a flip. lol.

  7. Omg My mood necklace was from the beach too!!!

  8. That is so awesome! Did you get yours from Florida? I got mine from the Folly Beach fishing pier. :D :D :D


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