Here I am Again!

Hello everyone! I feel so happy! I thought I was going to lose my blog for good....but I didn't! Ok, well, I have SO MUCH to tell you all!!!!!!!!!! Let's start with today! I am now a teenager! I had the best birthday EVER! I got to celebrate my b-day at the beach! I got the best gifts EVER too! I got tickets to the American Idol concert at the Greensboro Coliseum in August, awesome ink stamps, makeup (eyeshadow, blush, Burt's bees lipstick, mascara, powder), and money. The American Idol tickets were my favorite gift. Those were from everybody! You should have seen the picture my mom took of my face when I opened them up. I pretty much KNEW that I wouldn't be able to get tickets to the concert. But all my family chipped in; so my mom, my BFF Kiley, and I are going. It feels great being 13 years old. I am not a kid (ok I am a 'kid' in a grownup's world), I am not a pre-teen......I am a TEENAGER!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

We had a blast at the beach too. It took us about five hours to get to Folly Beach last Saturday. We all of course snacked on junk food, sweets, and other things that will cause a roll of fat. My grandmother brings and makes the best stuff though. She makes almost EVERYTHING homemade. She made rice crispy treats, cupcakes, brownies, etc. Luckily no one puked from all the sweets each family brought. Ok, my cousin Seth (five years old) got sick on his stomach once. But the next day he was fine!
We spent a ton of the time playing in the ocean and catching waves with Bogey-boards, chilling in the hotel, shopping nonstop, or simply taking a walk on the beach. It was a great vacation. I want to thank my grandparents though; because they payed for the condo for us. If they didn't, then we wouldn't have gone on vacation. So thank you MaMa and PaPa!
Not only did we swim and do beachy things, but we did a carriage ride in historic downtown Charleston, went to a water park, and a bunch of the clan went to Cyprus Gardens. Although it is crowded with 10 people in the condo, we all have a great time together and no one fights! Ok, I take that back...we hear a few screams coming from Rachael and Seth sometimes........they are brother and sister. They rarely fought at all though!
Your retinas are probably bleeding from reading so much so......happy blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. You seriously don't know HOW HAPPY I am to be blogging once again!


  1. Wow! You're a teenager!! Cool!! I'm glad you had fun on your vacation!! I am soooooo glad you didn't lose your blog!!!

  2. Welcome back! Good to see you again. :)

  3. To Emily Grace & Madeleine: Thanks you guys! Wow, it does feel great to be back on blogger again! I don't know what I would do without my blog.

  4. hey!!! thanks for voting on my blog!!!thanks for leaving a comment also!!!!!!!! happy happy birthday!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! So how is it being 13? :D
    I'm SOOO happy u didn't lose your blog!!!!

  6. Thanks for asking! Being 13 is great! How old are you? I am really happy I didn't lose my blog too! :D


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