Whew! What a Day...

I am finally posting again. I had a very interesting day baby-sitting too. As a bunch of you know, I babysit each Monday while my mom goes to a women's bible study. How it works, is a bunch of ladies get together for a christian bible study in this HUGE neighborhood called 'Steeplegate'. One of the lady's is in the bible study and let's the other babysitter/me/the ladies who go to the bible study's kids use her house (which is in he neighborhood) while the women do the bible study. There are some crazy kids there...just know that.

Today was a kind of interesting day. We had nine kids....well really seven...we had a 1 year old who screams nonstop and a very happy, content, chunky, precious almost twelve month old baby. This one five year old girl was so funny because Gabriel (the baby) spit up EVERYWHERE on the floor and this girl was like, "OH MY GOSH! The baby is THROWING UP. The baby is THROWING UP!" She enunciated every word...it was hysterical! But, it wasn't funny at the time because I was the one who cleaned up the regurgitated milk....disgusting.

A little while later, the girls who we had, had a tea party all planned out and set up. For snack they ate sandwiches, bread, oreo's for scones, and of course the usual...tea. Unfortunately, the tea wasn't 'sweet enough'; so they decided to put some sugar in it. They were so funny how they were trying their best to act like proper young ladies at a tea party. They had on long dress up dresses, and makeup caked on their faces....they looked Gothic the way they did it. But hey, what do you expect from an 8 year old doing makeup? Anyway, Natalie (the girl who was saying "The baby is THROWING UP!") was rude and said, "Give me the sugar!" She was very demanding. So, this amusing girl named Sarah who is 8 years old (the one who's in the pics two posts below) said, "You do NOT ask for something that way. That is NOT polite. You say 'May I have the sugar?'" After Sarah said that, Natalie tried her best to be polite and said, "May I please have some sugar?" Girls are so funny...especially the younger ones.

Well, I won't tell you the rest of the babysitting day; because it has to do with a baby knocking it's head on the floor, a girl getting her finger shut in the door, the baby and the 1 year old crying and screaming, a really bossy demanding girl named Jordin, a girl being disrespectful and going in time out, and a BIG mess around the dining room table bad things.

I had a great rest of the day though because I got to go over to my friend Breanna's house to hang out. Her sister is currently on a mission trip with her church in Asheville to dig a sewer hole for a family; so Breanna wanted someone to hang out with for the day. I had a ton of fun over at her house!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. Haha, thanks for checking out my blog. So you like California eh? Haha, it's pretty cool down here.

  2. Wow. Looks like you have fun baby-sitting!!:)

  3. Kids. Can't live with 'em, can't live with 'em and without Tylenol!

    Check out my blog?


  4. Haha! That's funny! I love the "The baby is THROWING UP." that's soooo funny!! :)

  5. Also, I saw the comment about the Twilight movie on Emily's blog; I saw it when it came out on DVD. Personally, I didn't think the acting was that great and it didn't really follow the book. But I thought it was good other than that. Whenever you are allowed to see it, tell me how you like it! ;) Have you ever read the book? It was good.

  6. Wow! That sounds like a long day! I wish you lived near me because I could really use a good babysitter! :)

  7. That is SOOO funny!!! The girls sound aDoRaBlE!! Sounds like a fun babysitting job!


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