Life at the Smith House

Wow! Time sure does fly by. It seems like yesterday we only had four weeks of church left; and today was our last day.

As a bunch of you know, my dad has finished up at our church (he preached there) and he is going back to teaching at a christian academy high school in August. We didn't decide to leave Antioch (our church) because we were mad at anybody or because we were 'excused' from the church. Here's how it ALL started out.......

Back in May, my dad got a call from the principal of HPCA to see if we wanted to have an exchange student to come and live with us. He told us that he was from South Korea, that his name was Sung-ji (if that's how you spell it), that he was currently up in Canada, and that he wanted to come down to America because #1 it was too cold in Canada for him and #2 his sisters lived in New York and he wanted to be closer to them (close as in what, 15 hours away!!!). At first, Mom and daddy decided on no; but then they started thinking about it and decided on yes.

It was kind of funny; because back in either January or February, Mom and Daddy went through an adoption/fostering class because we wanted to adopt a baby. We also did NOT want a teenager to live with us either. That was like an OUT for us. So getting a baby kinda turned into getting a teenager from South Korea (I forgot to mention, but Sung-ji is 16).

Before the idea of getting Sung-ji, my dad had always really missed teaching. He also heard word that when some students at HPCA were interviewed, they brought my dad's name up a lot and talked about him being a good influence on them.

Sure enough, the principal had a spot open for my dad; so he brought it up to board and he got the job!

Daddy will start back teaching in early August (I'm pretty sure) and we will be getting Sung-ji August 11th. It will be quite an experience having not only another teen in the house....but another boy in the house. Who knows how it will turn out...maybe it will be pretty cool and fun....maybe we will have a countdown chain waiting for him to leave...;).

Hopefully you can see the actual 'reason' my dad decided to finish up at Antioch. It was all on a good condition. The deacons weren't mad about any of it when my dad told them about him going back to teaching; they completely understood.

I really should have posted this in 'parts' sooner than this; but I just haven't thought about the actual 'posting and writing' part until today.

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. Sounds like the Lord had a plan for your Dad and your family and it was time for a change. That will be fun to have the exchange student in your house and I'll be praying that everything goes smoothely for you guys!

  2. I've missed alot on your blog these past few days! I have to catch up on all your other posts. That will be neat having an exchange student, I bet!


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