My Worst Habit...

Do any of you struggle with a habit that you just can't seem to stop? No, I don't mean doing drugs and smoking and that kind of...'stuff'. I mean like picking your fingernails, popping your knuckles, sucking your thumb... something like that, sort of.

My worst habit is biting my fingernails. It's like they will grow out and then I will pick at them and then I will start chewing on them! It's like I know I shouldn't be doing it; yet I do it anyway. My mom says that I have been biting them since I had teeth and could bite them. Back in mid November I had decided to stop biting my nails once and for all. They grew out nice and pretty; and Mom even took me to get a manicure because she was so proud of me. But a few weeks after that, what do you know, I'm biting them again. Of course they looked awful.

So, after January and the rest of the months until a few days ago, I kept biting and picking at my nails. But, I am happy to say that now I have quit biting them hopefully for good and they have long white tips again! It still is hard not to pick at them, but they are looking so much better. Happy blogging!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. I have a bad habit of cleaning all the time. I mean obsessively. It is not healthy. I need to relax and let some things just go to spend more time with the family and have fun.

  2. Anna,
    Who is the He & Me + 3 lady???


  3. I have the same problem- I quit in a matter of days also. It is tempting, pure torure!


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