Hello everyone. Today we went to a water day at some friends' house for our home-school group. There was a HUGE water slide and then a slippin' slide with two tarps so that we could slide down it further.

We put about six bottles of dish soap on it so that it would be extra slippery. As I was sliding down with a bunch of other people at one time, my pinkie toe got caught in a hole and it got broken. It hurts pretty extremely badly. It is very uncomfortable to walk around with it broken.

Right now it is elevated by a chair beside me. I think my foot is about to go numb.

But overall the water day was a ton of fun!

P.S. Anyone who wants to enter my giveaway still has 'til Monday to enter it below!


  1. I broke my toe when I was about your age too. You are right it hurts so bad. Hope you feel better soon. The water day sounded fun though.

  2. Ouchy! Hope it's feeling better soon!!


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