American Idol Concert in Greensboro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my GOSH!!! I went to American Idols Live last night with my BFF Kiley and my mom; and the concert was so freakin' incredibly awesome!!! Everyone did a great job too! At first, we were literally at the tippity top in the nose bleed section; but a little while into the concert, Mom spotted like seven empty seats WAY closer to the stage; so we packed our stuff up and sat down there the rest of the time and nobody even came to sit there! Before the concert even started, we left very early to try to get autographs before the show; but then while we were waiting, this woman and her two kids came up and told us they had come hours ago and they started being bratty disappointing us/some other girls......ok, let's go to the good sides of things...

We heard word from one of the staff members that the idols would be signing autographs after the show. So we decided that right after Kris Allen finished up his songs we would go ahead and go back to the gate where they'd be signing autographs.

I also got free glow in the dark thing-a-ma-jigs. It was funny because Kiley's friend was really close to the stage; so we went down to say 'hi' and then a lady came up and asked me, "Are you an Adam fan?" I of course said 'yes' so she gave me the glow in the dark thing-a-ma-jigs. What a great surprise!

After Kris Allen finshed one of his songs, we practically ran to the gate and there were probably WAY over one hundred people already there! But, to our luck, we got right up to the gate and waited for about 30 or 40 minutes for the idols to come out.

Finally they came out, and we got pictures and autographs from 8 of them!!!!! The two we didn't get pictures/autographs from was Adam (he was very sick) and Anoop because Anoop was with his family and then the buses were getting ready to leave; so he didn't come around to us. All of the idols were very nice though.

We stayed outside from about 10:00 to 12:30 getting autographs and watching the idols leave in their HUGE buses!

Whenever one of the idol's would come by, I would grab their hand. LOL! Here are the pictures (I will have more pics later; because we took some pics with Kiley's dad's camera).

Us waiting at the gate where the idols would come out before the concert......we didn't know they had already come until a lady bragged said that they had come out hours ago.

Kiley and me giving our 'try to be serious' look in the nose bleed section (before we knew that there were better seats).

Megan singing (she was SOOOOOOO pretty!).

Scott MacIntyre....he was so awesome (all of them were).

Lil Rounds...I LOVED her outfit...so sparkly.

Anoop Desai...LOTS of his family/friends were there to support him.

Matt Giraud...definitley a very fun one!

Danny Gokey! He is SOOOOOOOO COOL!!!

My favorite......ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!

Our American Idol......KRIS ALLEN!!!

~~~~Autograph & Picture Time!~~~~

Lil signing my paper.

Me, Allison, and Kiley!!!

Michael signing my paper!

MEGAN!!! She was so pretty and so sweet!

DANNY!!!!!! He is so awesome!


The idols bus leaving the coliseum. We were outside until midnight because of the autographs/watching their buses leave. It was fun seeing their buses...but the drunk lady beside Kiley and me freaked us out.

Stay tuned for more photos later!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. Wow! You girls are just too cute! That is so awesome that you got to go, but even more awesome to take pics with/of them and get their autographs. How cool is that!! Thanks for sharing.....I LOVE American Idol!

  2. Hey!

    Wow, everything was a lot of fun. It was even better then I had hoped for, plus a bit more since we got to get 8 autographs and then some pictures! I wish we could do this every year, it would be awesome. Dad said that we might go next year, (and hopefully get good seats again), and so that should be fun if everything works out. :) Well, I should be going now, I'll call you tomorrow! (I am really tired tonight, and so I will just see ya later!)

    Your BFF,

  3. HOW fun is that?!!!

    I think it super neat that your family got tix for you guys.

    That'll surely be an experience that you will NEVER forget.

    ...and stay away from drunk ladies....they CAN BE creepy! ;0)

  4. You are so lucky. My girls want to go when the hit detroit. I really should take them...but they are still young. I love Kris. He is so cute and down to earth. I was so happy he won. Great pictures you got.

  5. OMG!!! They were SOOOO aWeSoMe right?!!!! I totally agree with your descriptions of each idol, they R so nice!! I noticed Allison uses the same exact smile in each picture with fans, I could u show my pic. Again: they were SOOOO aWeSoMe, right?!!!! You had a great view of the stage! And you and Kiley look so pretty in the pics!!! I'm so happy u had an aWeSoMe time!!

  6. OMGoodness Anna! That is so cool that you girls got to go the concert. You got some great pics!

    I am not really an Idol watcher but this was definitely something that I would have liked to see. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my gosh!! Kris!! Danny!! Allison!! OMG!! I would DIE to meet them!! :)


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