Hi everyone! Well, Cinderella is going REALLY well! I have now got my 2 costumes that I will be wearing (I am a cheese merchant in the village, and I dance at the ball). The ball costume isn't exactly 'pretty' but my Mom and I are going to spruce it up a little to make it more attractive. We all have to wear old fashioned dresses for the play (fun, fun). So yes, the dress I am wearing is old fashioned....but at least it's pink! I was hoping I could wear a pink ball gown. The dress has pink lace over it, and it comes REALLY low on me, so we will have to bring it up A LOT (and sew on spaghetti straps). I will try to put some pics of my two costumes on here tomorrow.

~Anna Gray~ xoxo

P.S. My school day actually went really well today! YAY! :0)


  1. How fun...getting wardrobe ready for a show is always fun. I love seeing it all together. Can't wait to see your pictures. So glad all is going well for you.

  2. That sounds neat, Anna! Glad school is going well for you too :)

  3. YAY....how fun!!!

    I love the costume part of plays....i think the dress up is what makes it the most fun!!!


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