I'm Sick...

So I haven't been blogging because I have been sick since Wednesday. I have had bad headaches, a horse voice, drainage, a horrible cough, a stuffy head/ear, dizziness, a VERY sore throat, I've been getting beyond sweaty at night, and I've had fevers ranging from 99.5 to almost 103. I could barely talk this morning. Today though, my mom called a surgeon/doctor we know very well, she described my symptoms, and he told her to give me Motrin and to keep me drinking fluids. Luckily, he said that the symptoms didn't at all sound like strep (which we weren't sure if I could have or not), and that all I had was a virus. I was glad that I wouldn't have had to be taken into a doctor's office, because if I was, all they would do is a rapid strep test...the word 'doctor' to me is the "D" word. ;0)

My family has been very nice helping out while I have been sick too. Mom let me choose my lunch yesterday and today, I get to drink 2 gatorades each day (I can only drink them at my home school group), my brother cleaned my hamster's cage (it was FREEZING outside too!), Mom volunteered to dust and vacuum my room, AND help me put the sheets on my bed. Aren't I just spoiled? LOL! ;-D

Today has been the best day I have had sickness wise. Thursday and Wednesday though....let's just say they were AWFUL.

Whenever you think about it, please, please, please pray for me!!!


~Anna Gray~ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Aww...saying a prayer now. Poor thing. Get better soon.

  2. Aw...I'm so sorry you're sick! :( I just got over a VERY bad cold. I'm on antibiotics right now.
    Praying, feel better!!

  3. I am so sorry you have felt rotten. I have had a cold also. Praying for you~Bailey

  4. Hope that today is a better day for you, Anna! I've had similar stuff going on over here this week and I'm barely getting my voice back too. Keep on taking it easy and I'll be praying you get better soon!

  5. praying you feel better soon!!
    and yay to being spoiled that's the best. :0)

  6. Oh no! I hope you are feeling much better today too!! I will say a prayer :)

  7. Anna, wherever this finds you, I hope you are well.

    I'm having a Club Penguin party this coming Friday, if you are feeling up to it you are invited. :) One of my blogging friends who is VERY famous on CP and blogging (please, he has crowds follow him and chant his name) attending. :)

  8. Sorry you are sick, girl.
    It's hard for mama's to see their kiddos sick, too.

    You lay down, relax and let your mama take care of you!

  9. I hate the strep test 2!!!


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