Puhutko Suomea Finnish?

Olen suomalainen,Tykkäätkö olla täällä? Suomi on mahtava maa.
Olen opetellun suomea. Onnea kääntäjänä minun Finnish!


Soooo, wondering what the whole 'Finnish posts' have been all about? Do you wonder what I am saying in them? Do you want to know?.......are you sure?

Well first off, my BFF Kiley and I decided to do Finnish posts on twitter/blogger for today. Why? I have absolutely no clue. I guess because we want to harass get you wondering what we're saying and why. I decided it would be fun to learn some Finnish and post it...well...just to get a reaction. Isn't that sweet? ;) i wanted to learn some Finnish, because I came across a Finnish blog, and thought it would be funny to post a comment using Finnish words.

Can you count how many times I have said 'Finnish' in this 'Finnish' post.

Here is what I said on this post up above........... 'Puhutko Suomea Finnish?' means Do you speak Finnish?. 'Olen suomalainen,Tykkäätkö olla täällä?' means I'm American, do you like it here?. 'Suomi on mahtava maa.' means Finland is a wonderful country.. 'Olen opetellun suomea.' means I've been learning Finnish. Lastly, Onnea kääntäjänä minun Finnish! means Good luck translating my Finnish!.

There's your Finnish for the day!

~Anna Gray~ Kerro terveisia John:ille minulta! (say hi to John for me) =)


  1. that was interesting comment, but nice you learn Finnish

  2. not nice!!! really not nice! lol...how have you been?

  3. that was not good finnish =D google translator doesnt work. "Olen suomalainen" means i'm finnish, NOT i'm american. I'm american is "Olen amerikkalainen." :--DDD

  4. Haha I LOVE Finnish, and I had soo much fun posting on Twitter, Haha



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