Change of Plans

So ya know how two posts ago I was talking about the contest and doing it in a 'few' weeks to a month...well...change of plans. I have decided to post-pone it until the beginning of the summer (as in the beginning of June sometime). I was totally planning on doing it sooner, BUT the only problemo, is that I have a tight and extremely busy schedule from now until the end of May (including school).

This is all with my parents permission too. My Mom and I also need more time to really plan everything out. I already know what the contest prize will be. Wanna know? Weeeell....I can't tell you quite yet....it's a surprise (it's seriously really awesome). The only person I have told what the prize will be is my friend Kiley. (Kiley, remember you are not to tell anyone!)

All I can tell you right now though, is that it is a seriously, really cool, awesome beyond awesome, magnificent, surprising prize.

I will let ya know at the beginning of the summer (once I start the contest) what the prize will be......stay tuned!

~Anna Gray~ ♥


  1. I think it's actually a better idea to postpone it until the summer. Everyone seems to be less stressed and busy during that time of year, making it much simpler to find the time to participate in such an amazing project! :)

  2. I'm working on your blog makeover (I'll put it up on my test-blog soon so you can see it)--what do you want in your nav bar? "Home" "About Me" and "Contact Me"? Anything else?

    And is it okay if I put up your email address? (I won't do anything until you see the look and shoot me an email.)


  3. You are too cute. Just keep us posted.
    Have a blessed Easter.

  4. Hehe I won't tell anyone!! =)


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