Do you ever Wish,

that you could just....get OUT of your house and do something productive, than just sitting around doing pointless things on the computer? That's kind of how I feel at the moment. It feels like every 5 minutes that goes by, is 20 minutes. It's as if time just isn't going fast enough, and I'm just waiting for every next minute to appear.....

To top it all off, it feels like my mom is pointing out EVERY single thing I need to do! "Anna Gray, have you memorized geography? Have you memorized the eye and the terms?"

"Why yes Mom, I have everything memorized and I am happy as ever."


More like this (with a heavy *sigh*), "Ugh, no not completely, but almost."

"Well Anna Gray, you need to get off the computer and do all of that first."

ERRRRRRGH! I feel moody today. *sigh*

Sorry you all have to read it on blogger too.

Hopefully next time I'll have a happier post.

But hey - at least I get to baby-sit Li Li, my favorite kid in the world! =)


  1. I have those days too. Hope you are more cheerful tomorrow.

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  3. When I have one of those days writing a whiney blog post makes me feel much better. ;)

  4. I hear ya girl its the same here a lot of the time...

  5. Absoltley love your new look! Very pretty.


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