Summer is on it's way...

Oh. My. Gosh. I am getting summer fever! I am so excited for it to come!

Hot weather, cold swimming pools, the beach, sleepovers with awesome friends, my birthday, camp outs, no school (oh yea!), shopping, more time to do blogger giveaways.......

Can you tell that someone's ready for summer break to come?

Mom and I saw these incredibly cute beach towels at Wal-Mart for only like, $14. I really wish that I could find a picture of them on the website, but for some reason pictures of the towels aren't on there.

I have also been looking around at different places for swimsuits, and I came across these two at the JC Penny website...

Which one do you like better? Mom likes the blue one more, and I think that I do too. But I want you're opinion too! I'm not really a fan of wearing bikinis or showing off my belly, so I stick to a one piece every summer.

I'm sooooo excited about going to the beach this summer too! We will be leaving June 12th and then June 13th will be my birthday! So yep, I'm happy that my uncle and I can share our birthdays at the beach! We will be staying for a week on Folly Beach which is connected to Charleston.
Have you ever been to Charleston? It is BEAUTIFUL! There's so much history there (and personally, I'm not a huge fan of history), but it is so neat to see the old plantations, Rainbow Row, Fort Sumter, Patriots Point, etc. etc. etc.

So I would strongly suggest going there for a vacation sometime! It's awesome there!

Haha, 3 years ago on Folly Island, we saw two water spouts in the ocean. It scared me TO DEATH, and to top that off, my cousin was constipated and crying like crazy. Everyone except for me, was out on the balcony (this was ocean front to, which was another reason I was scared!) watching the spouts and saying things like, "COOL!" and videoing it!

If I could, I would SO put the vid on here! Maybe I can find out how...

Another thing that I think I'm excited and anxious about doing, are the blankets for hospital children. If you haven't read this post yet, be sure to check it out! It will tell you the idea I had for the blankets. I am really hoping that this project will go well! I will give you more info on the blankets sometime in June. My mom and I are going to visit some hospitals to get some information on what kind of blankets they need, what kind of feel, etc. My awesome friend, Bailey, is also going to be helping me head this up. She is so organized, so it will be great having her help out! An extra helping hand is always nice, huh?

I also have some super awesome giveaway ideas in mind for this summer! I'm thinking about doing something called Anna's Cabana Bash and doing a giveaway each day for 6 days.

I've only done two giveaways on blogger, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing them! It's a great way to meet new people too!

Hope you all have had a great weekend!

♥ Happy Blogging ♥


  1. I like the blue one too. :) Hey, here is a site that you might like(if you haven't heard of it yet) since you're looking for swimsuits. www.limericki.com They are totally AWAESOME!!!!!


  2. i love the name of your blog! so adorable! the blue suit rocks! it's modest but yet so cute. go for it!

  3. I like the blue one better too; and you're in luck...one-pieces are in this summer! I am even contemplating buying one myself!

    Ooh, how exciting that you will be visiting Charleston for your birthday. I've never been; though I'm sure you'll have an amazing time!! :)

  4. such an adorable blog. :)
    nicole visiting from

  5. Very nice! I really like the last one :) Super cute! I don't like 1 pieces, but I LOVE tankinis! Still super modest :) And I agree with Miss M... Check out Limericki.com!!! I got my new bathing suit from Target though...

  6. I think the blue one is super cute. I love stripes.
    I have never been to Charleston, but have heard it was nice. Giveaways are always fun.


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