Nikon 10.2

So over the past three or four months I have been thinking about the idea of getting a camera. Not just a little digital one, but something like a Canon or a Nikon. Not too expensive, but not too cheap to where it doesn't have that great of quality. I have been browsing around on sites like Target and Nikon looking at the different cameras, the details of the cameras, lenses, details/description of the lenses. I finally decided that for a starter camera, I should start off with the Nikon 10.2MP Digital SLR camera. It's $199 at Target and it's not waaaaaaay pricey, like many others. Also, I found the Nikon 55-200mm DX Lens for D-SLR for only $199. Once again, I am just starting out with a camera, so I'm not going for the fancy shmancy stuff. I mean, I've used my mom's digital camera, but not a nice camera like the Nikon 10.2.

I have looked up reviews on google for the Nikon 10.2, but all that comes up are sites that sell this lovely camera. I know that many of you readers/faithful followers are photographers, and probably know a good bit about cameras like this one, so have you ever used this type of camera?  It's not a definite 'yes' that I'm getting this one, it's just that I am feeling pretty good about it, from the features I've read about it.

Do any of you know where to get actual 'reviews' on this camera, though? I am wanting to see what people think about this camera, how good the photo quality is, if it's easy to use, if it's completely crappy, if it's a waste of money, if it's worth every cent. That's the kind of stuff I'm wanting to know.

So if any of you have ever used this camera, or know where to find reviews for this camera, please, please, please let me know!


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  1. I have not heard of this camera...but i shoot with the Nikon D90 and I love it. Canons are also great cameras. I had the rebel before I got this one and loved it too. Usually if a store online sells it then they have reviews along side it. Check target online to see if anyone reviewed the camera yet.
    Good luck and how fun.

  2. OMG, I am excited about this! You know I LOOOOOOOVE taking pictures! If you get one, I must be the first, well, second in line to play with it. I once had a Canon and LOVED every minute of it. Although I must say, I have never heard a complaint come from a Nikon owner. I currently own a wonderful Sony, which I think you have seen. Anyway, go online and you should find plenty of reviews. And as always, PRAY ABOUT THIS!!!

    Love you!

  3. I've never heard of this camera, either. :-)

    I just wanted to let you know that I haven't mailed the package yet. My sister has had a friend over all week and we've been busy doing things with her so I haven't been able to get down to the post office in town. I'm sorry it's taking so long. I will do my best to have my mom take me to the post office either tomorrow or Saturday. I'll also come by here and let you know when the prize is on it's way. ;)


  4. I, too, have never heard of this camera...

    I have a Nikon D3000...I got it refurbished at Adorama for about $375 (And I have yet to have problems with it). I LOOVE it to death. Good luck!

  5. good luck on your camera search. i'm clueless otherwise i'd offer some help! we just sold a video camera to get a good point and shoot. we purchased the canon s90 and love it. the pics are so clear and the colors are crisp. it's way pricey... which is why we had to sell something to get it!


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