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Lately I've been thinking about a few random people I know. Some are my close friends, some not. I've been thinking about what they talk about, spend their week doing, the kinds of things they want in life, what they talk to me about, that kind of stuff. And most of the time when I'm talking to them, the subject is usually one of two things: Boys and clothing. It's like if I'm having a wonderful conversation with somebody, the subject somehow turns to Boys and/or clothing. I must say, it gets so incredibly irritating.

"Ok, so I got the cutest bikini today! Oh and I also got a new pair of boots a few new fashion scarves, and my mom spent $75 on jeans."


"Man, I just keep thinking about him. He is so hot. I think he likes me because he always sits beside me, looks at me, and talks to me."

Yea, that's the kind of crap I hear from a lot of my friends. I will admit, I sometimes do talk about that kind of stuff myself (ok, so not the whole 'guy thing' and I try not to gossip). I just wish that there could be some kind of conversation other than that. It doesn't happen all the time, but most of the time it does.

I mean, my friends are in an age range of thirteen to fifteen and it's like their personal goals in life are to have a super hot boyfriend, and the sweetest new kinds of clothes (so I do try to get the popular clothes).  In fact, one of my friends told me once that she was wanting to buy so many clothes that every single one of her drawers would be filled with them. Is that really what someone should want? To buy so many pieces of clothing that it fills up every single drawer? Should it be somebody's goal to have an extremely hot boyfriend? No. It shouldn't. The whole clothing thing with some of my friends is so ridiculous, that more than two and three times a month, they're going shopping for new stuff when it seems like they just got new stuff two weeks ago! Man alive! In fact, one of my friends has absolutely beautiful pieces of clothing. She has a nice closet packed full of it, drawers full of it, and she said she needs to go shopping for more stuff. Seriously?

I go shopping for my summer wardrobe around April, and my Fall/Winter clothes around September, and buy a few things in between.

But really, does the subject between my chums and me have to be about guys and clothes? Does it? As one of my friends once said, "There's more to life than boys and clothing."



  1. omigoodness my friends are the same way. haha it seems like we have a lot in common!


  2. Amen! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! someone actually gets it! I wish we were next door neighbors or something. I'd talk to you EVERY day just to get away from boys and cloths.


  3. Thanks AG
    I know exactly what you mean. Seems to me there should be more to life than just boys and clothes. Fashion changes and boys well... I won't even go there. I liked your 1940's post too. :)
    KD from CC


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