Ooh La La

I am just loving these crisp, cool Autumn days! The warm sunshine, the crunch of the colored leaves when you step on them, Mmmmm. School is going well, we seem to be progressing every day as we practice for The Music Man. Oh yes.

This is probably downright the most fun play I have ever done. I have gotten chosen for two more parts as well! I went from being just a townsperson to being an Indian and a library dancer. Woot! I haven't told you guys, but I was dying to be a dancer in the library scene. Dying. That was one of the scenes I had my heart set on to be in. So I prayed and asked begged God to have them choose me for that scene, and what do ya know, they did! Well if that isn't an answered prayer?!

I also prayed and asked begged God to let me have another part; another part as in, a part with not just everyone but with just a few people so that I could *ahem* stand out...er...kind of anyway. And what do ya know, they picked a few other girls and me as an indian! WOOT!

We started out with a cast of about 110 people and we have dropped to about 70 (which is great because that gives you the chance for an extra part).

Life is good.


  1. Yes! I love Autumn as well :) It might be my favorite season! And that's is GREAT that you go the part you wanted!!! What an answer to prayer!


  2. Congrats, Anna!! That is wonderful! Keep reaching for those dreams! :)

  3. Hope and prayer always help you to reach your dreams; I'm so incredibly excited for you, Anna!! :)


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