Winner of the Miche Giveaway!

Even though I only had five entries for the miche giveaway, can I just say WOW, you all did an amazing job with your stories! Each one of them were so deep and well written. You all did such a fabulous job, goodness. Both my mom and I had trouble deciding the winner. I let her read the entries a few minutes ago, and she was literally stressing over which top three to choose. Finally, we both picked the top three and then the winner.

And the winner that we picked was..............


Congratulations Kristen! Here is what she submitted for her story...

Wow, Anna! What a fun way to pick the giveaway! And I love Jami too....what a fun prize!

What has God done in my life that's amazing to me? He used what the enemy intended for harm and He changed my life for the better!! I lived such a wonderful life growing up, after being adopted by 2 wonderful people. I had never experienced tragedy before. Then in one weekend, my whole life was turned upside down. I got a call in the middle of the night that my mom was rushed to the hospital and only had a 50% chance of survival. She was only 55. The next day, she turned 56, and the day after that, she went to be with the Lord. I had just turned 28.

At first, I was so angry with the Lord because He didn't answer my prayers to save her. But, I realized very quickly that to make it through, I needed Him. I went through so many changes through the years, wandering around trying to find a way to get through the grief. Through it all, the Lord was always there and He was using this situation to bring me back to Him. I hadn't been to church in many years. I started going back to church, saw my husband be saved, and now my life is truly better than I could've ever imagined.

So, what He did for me is He used a horrible situation, that I truly could have given up on life over, and He completely changed my life and my family's life through the process, brought us to Him, and He redeemed us! I know that if my Mom had not died, I would still be working, going through the motions, not in church, and we would've missed out on the life that Jesus came here to give us! I wish that my Mom were here to see it! She would be so amazed at how the Lord used such a horrible tragedy to carry out His plans for us!

Kristen, please email me at sunshinegirl101@triad.rr.com to claim the prize! Many congrats!


  1. Awwww.....thank you SO much, Anna!! This is so exciting!! :) I hope that others reading my story will just see how the Lord is love and He will give us a life better than we ever even dreamed possible, if we will just let Him!! Thanks so much! I am honored to have been chosen! Hope you have a great weekend!!


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