Of Hypocrites and Dramatic Bloggers...

I just finished telling my Mom about the *ahem* world of blogging and how some people are hypocrites, some people take it way too seriously, and some people miss the point of it.

First and foremost, it's a blog. A place to write your thoughts. Some people are all like, "I want my blog to be deep and all about Jesus. Enough with the silly, I am done with that." Sure, it's fine to post about Jesus and deep things; but it is also perfectly fine to post things that are silly, crazy, random, stupid, deep, and so much more. A blog is a place to let off steam, to let people know what's on your mind and going on in your life. Simply a place to post anything. Now, I will not name names, but I have seen several blogs who have taken a break from blogger and so called, "Stepped Down." I am not saying this is bad or anything (I mean if Jesus calls you to step down, then that is great if you choose to do so); but when people want their blog to be 100% about Jesus (which I'm still not saying is bad) and don't want to post anything that is remotely silly, that is stupid. Personally, I think being that dramatic over a blog is quite silly.

Then there are those who are hypocrites on blogger. I came across a blog just a couple of weeks ago that posted all of these blogging tips, and I saw that this person copied another person's tips. In the past, this person has copied the other blogger's posts; yet this same person posts all these blogging tips naming all these tips and one says "not to copy anyones' blog". HELLO?! You already HAVE copied the somebody else's blog!

I'm sorry, but there are those out there on blogger who truly miss the point of it. Oh. My. Gosh.

Once again, if you disagree, that is fine. But remember, I also have my opinion and nothing that any blogger in the world comments on here will stop me from having that opinion.

Though I do not ever post blogging tips (Since just a second ago I have decided that most blogging tips are basically pointless) I will give you one: Be yourself.

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  1. Interesting post - it's very cool to hear your take on this... I was thinking about that the other day, actually.
    I have to agree with you - totally.


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