Surprise and Merry Christmas!

I got my blog redesigned! Amanda over at Chicken Scratch Designs designed it for FREE and I am in love with it! I adore the icy blues, deep purples, and you know the icky borders that were always around the photos in my posts and around my profile picture? Well they are gone! That is a big "Hurray!" I also renamed my blog 'Bella Vita.' It means Beautiful Life in Italian and I just love the way you pronounce it (Bell[uh]wheat[uh]). The original name The Anna Cabana just seemed.....I don't know......self centered? That is why I like the new title; because it does not have my name in it (though the domain name does). Feel free to grab my blogger button too and browse around. =)


Can you all believe the Christmas season is already here? It completely snuck up on me this year. This time of year is definitely my favorite time of the year. Hot cocoa, Christmas decorations and embellishments, a warm fire going, freezing cold weather, and let's not forget, the birth of Jesus.

What do you love about Christmas?


Also, stay tuned for a giveaway right here tomorrow!

Sorry this post is....er....sloppy....I'm just excited about so much at once!


  1. Anna, I got the comments working. :)

    Sorry to everyone who left comments earlier - I had some slight difficulties because of an accidental installation of IntenseDebate...

  2. Hey Anna!

    I love {like seriously} your new blog design!! A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! :)

    I also like your title...very elegant. I loved it even before I read what it means! :) Haha.



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