Spring Is In the Air...

Today is such a nice day! It is around 80 degrees outside even though it is near  the end February. We already are having flowers bloom in our front yard and a patch of grass is a vivid green in the backyard. I am in love with this weater!

A perfect day for a bike ride...

Hannah seems to be enjoying the warm weather as well!
(Sorry, couldn't help but put the flowery frame!)

Are you already enjoying the early Spring weather?


Have you entered my giveaway yet? *taps foot*


  1. Your dog is absolutely adorable!
    And I've been meaning to comment and tell you this, but I really enjoy your blog! :)
    Alex L.

  2. What a sweet doggie. Love the bike and jealous of your weather. sigh****

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Love the one of the flowers<3 I'm absolutely ready for spring too!
    God bless~

  4. You take such beautiful pictures! I love your blog :) I am your newest follower, I hope you will follow me too!


  5. I LOVE the first picture!! So beautiful...I could just melt! *dreamy sigh* Isn't spring awesome? It feels like an early summer down here in Texas. You're lucky you have so much sun and beautiful flowers, right now we have rain *pouts* but no matter, spring is amazing!!
    -Jocee <3

  6. It is still fairly cold in SoCal; but the sun is shining, so I imagine spring will fully be upon us in a matter of a few weeks. Can't wait!! :)

  7. Beautiful pics! I have been loving our weather lately too.


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