A Vacation Post by Bleah Briann of ~With Love and Kisses~

When Anna asked me to post for her while she was away on vacation, I was flattered. When she said that she'd like for me to post about a vaction I went on, I was worried.

My family isn't the most -- vacation-ey family in the whole world. I doubt we'd even make the top 100,000. Honestly, we probably wouldn't even make the list.

We don't go on vacation. We don't go to huge amusement parks, we don't travel around the world to secluded islands. I've never owned a passport. We're just not like that.

Though one thing we do enjoy doing is going to florida to visit family. Ha! You thought I was going to say something like Disney world didn't you? No, actually I've never been there either. We go to see family, and honestly -- I couldn't imagine doing anything else while we're there.

Now, we don't go very often. We went when I was four. Again when I was 6, and then we didn't go again until I was 12. Our last visit was two years ago.

I'll be honest with you when I say -- I've never had as much fun in my entire life, as I do when I'm in Florida.
 Sometimes we go to the ponce springs. Oh my gosh, that water is cold -- and deep. And I can't swim. But since it's kinda of secluded and not just completely huge and open... I'm not afraid of it. I rent one of those big inner tubes and I hold on to it, and I'm happy. And since I'm not in and out of the water like everyone else -- I get a tan. *wink*

^this is the other side of the spring. The springs are on a higher up level, and then there's a water-fall ish thing that comes down into this. There are alligators in this water, you can take little boats out into it. I never have... to afriad. *insert toung face here*

We were at our picnik table eating peaches, chicken, and watermelon when this baby alligator showed it's face. Isn't he cute?!

 On the way back from where our family is lies Fort Walton beach... it's the prettiest beach ever. No lie. I love it... so much. but since we're only passing thru we don't get to go swimming in it or anything. Haven't done that in ten years. *sigh*

Thank you so much Anna for this opportunity. :) I hope you're having so much fun on your vacation.

bloggerBlaya Bre-anne)<-- Because my name is hard to pronounce... because Jesus is my Savior. Because I would be nowhere without Him. Because my hair is slowly changing from blonde to red, because I'd much rather be a blonde. Because I'm a hopeful romantic waiting for a prince on a white steed. Because I stand on the solid rock, and I desperately await the rain. Because music is what keeps the world spinning, because music is what keeps my heart beating. Because books can take you to places you never imagined you'd visit, and because I'm finally learning to love chocolate. "Because you got to me in a way words can't describe..."


  1. Beautiful post, Bleah! I love Florida. :) We used to go to Sanibel Island every year in March, but we don't do that anymore. I miss it. :(

    Have a lovely day!

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Great post, Bleah!! I went to Florida I believe twice and loved every single minute of it!! Your vacation looked like lots of fun, and maybe I'll convince my parents to let us go again. I've never been anywhere outside of the U.S., and the closest I've been to a different country would be in a little boat in the ocean looking for whales. My family doesn't make the list either :P
    -Jocee <3

  3. Lovely post, Bleah! Our family goes to Destin every year!

    Oh, and this post definatly helped cheer my day up! (if you read my previous post on my blog, you will understand why.)

    Have a nice day!
    Anna Marin


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