Our Weekend {Cousin Edition}

Thursday afternoon, my and my brother's cousins, Rachael and Seth stayed with us for a few days. We had so much fun and I always enjoy being around them! Here is a brief description of their personalities...

Rachael (9 years old): She is very intelligent, sweet, funny, laughs A LOT, uses creative wording with her sentences, enjoys playing American Girl Dolls, and is very go with the flow (she said the same about me!).

Seth (7 years old): This boy is hysterical. He is hilarious, random, spastic, likes to do whatever Drake (my brother) does, finds it amusing to harass our chickens, and is 100% boy.

Let the fun begin!

was probably our busiest day. That morning started out with some ooey gooey and oh so delicious cinnamon rolls. At lunchtime we went into town and ate lunch a teeny sandwhich shop called Granny's Doughnuts & Sandwiches. Let me pause here for a second. This little shop has the best croissants and doughnuts...EVER. Let me tell you, the doughnuts are bigger and even better than Krispy Kreme (it has to be pretty good for me to think it's better than Krispy Kreme) and I know the name of the shop sounds silly (Mom and I originally had no intentions on ever going there until somebody told us how wonderful it was), but it is delicious!

That afternoon Drake took Rachael and Seth down to the woods.
^Can you guess what they found and collected in the woods?

In the evening we went in our backyard...

^You can't say no to that face

...and also took a ride in the back of my dad's truck around the neighborhood

^We made our own individual home-made pizzas and watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice


was the day they had to go home. Before they were picked up though, we were amused yet again by our backyard.

^Photo compliments of Mom

I always thoroughly enjoy having them come and stay with us. There is always non-stop energy abounding, laughter, and so many things to do.

It is so weird, because I can vividly remember posting this video of them on my blog two years ago. Whew, time flies!

Farewell Rachael and Seth, I miss you both already and can't wait to see you again!

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  1. Awe. Thats awesome! Great pictures. I could use some pizza right about now...

    I think I'll go have a burrito...



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