Follower Gadget Crisis

Hello lovely friends of mine! I have gotten a couple of emails and comments explaining that the follower gadget on my sidebar isn't visible; and they asked if they could still be entered into the giveaway. To everybody who has asked, yes, I will still enter you into the giveaway! No worries! However, once (or if) the follower gadget it fixed, you must follow...otherwise I will sue you and use your money to go towards Lightroom. ;)

Also, does virtually anybody know how to fix the follower gadget so that it's visible? I have checked out a couple other blogs and their follower gadgets also are not visible. If anybody knows how to solve the problem, that would be wonderful!

Have a lovely day! ♥


  1. Did you check in "Design" to see if you still had your follower gadget there? Maybe you can delete it and then reload it?

  2. I just realized my follower button isn't working either, ahhh!!!!!

    I went to a few other blogs and none of their follower buttons were working either so I think it's something that Blogger is going to have to fix.

  3. It's not just you - it's been doing it off-and-on on mine as well, and a few others. I have no idea why...
    --Love MCat

  4. My follower thingy isn't working either. :( Well, like Emily said, I guess Blogger will fix it for everyone...hopefully soon!

    Beautiful flower picture, by the way. ;)


  5. It happens every once in a while, google friend connect won't load/word for a day(s), just wait for a day and it will usually start working again.


  6. Don't worry about it, sometimes it just doesn't work or it takes a little while to load. Sometimes its just Bloggers error.


  7. I can't see mine or any other blogs. I am furiuos.


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