Of Followers, Clothing, & Hair

**Bella Vita made it to 100 followers!!! You guys rock! Thank you to Belle.Rebecca who made number 100! I will let you all know tomorrow what the prizes will be!**

Guys, Bella Vita is at 98 followers! Only 2 more and I will announce the super awesome goodies! Be sure to blog, facebook, and/or tweet about it! Let's see if by Friday (May 27th) we can have 100 followers. I know we can do it!

And while I am rambling, I would like to share my newest Polyvore creation...

Smitten With Summer

Smitten With Summer by Anna Gray Smith

I'm not gonna lie...I *love* those heels! So vintagey..so flowery...so modern...so cute.

Needless to say; when in doubt...whip your hair...

Do you have any musings?


  1. I MADE THE 100th FOLLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YOU MADE IT TO 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now show us what you have to give away!! :) haha

  3. 100 followers! Congratulations! now I'm so excited to find out... whatever it is! :)

  4. now everyone needs to pop on over and get me to 100 followers!!! :)


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