Fatigue =

dull and throbbing headache...

muscular aches...


lack of energy...

pajamas and housecoat...

Yep - that is totally the epitome of me right now. I skipped out on church this morning, stayed in bed until 9:30, and didn't have any level of energy to go out to lunch with my family. I sure am full of happy news, huh?

That is totally how I feel right now. Kind of like a dog...or an old person...or a baby...same concept, right?

 I have been practicing screenshots in my spare time as well. Can you tell I've had a productive day? ;)

Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better less ickified day. :)


  1. Oh, I will pray that you feel better. Get some rest, and drink lots of water. =)


  2. Well, bless your heart dearie! Yes, ickified days are no fun! Hang in there and get better!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! That doggie picture is hilarious!

  4. Hope you feel better soon, dear!
    The doggie is adorable. <3
    Screen shots... amazing. Haha I use them alot, especially since people are always talking trash to me online. -sigh- So, I usually like to have proof that I'm never the one to start it. Lol

    Have an amazing day!

    -Rachel Lynn


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