a "sweet" sixteen, indeed.

One of my best friends, Beth, recently had her sixteenth birthday party. She and her family asked me (eep!) if I would be interested in being the designated photographer for the party. Hmmm, let me think here...

Heck yes!

And I therefore photographed the entire party. Even the people who refused to let me take their picture, got their picture (secretly) taken.

 Everybody had a wonderful time and the day was made of {lots of} sugar, water, laughing, games, and chit-chatting.

I forgot to mention, I downloaded the thirty day free trial of Photoshop CS5. Can we say in love? This here picture, I made have a bit of a vintage look.

They purchased a $200 cake complete with zebra striped fondant  just for the festivity.

Kidding. About it being $200. Acutally, Beth's fourteen year old sister made it.

I know. Wow, right?!  I believe to my soul I could never make such a masterpiece. Swoon.

And of course, our lovely birthday girl! 


For those who have already turned sixteen, what do you remember about your party? Or just turning sixteen?

For those of you who haven't yet turned sixteen, what is your dream sweet sixteenth party?


  1. Aww. Sounds fun! I have so many friends turning 16 this year it's not even funny (not to mention the fact that I too are turning 16 this year too).

    You're probably going to think I'm a stalker (which I'm not.)... but I happen to know half of the people in the first picture and a good bit of those in the party pic. Could it be that we live by each other?

    In Christ,
    Emily Adair

  2. My sweet sixteen was great. My mama took me to a old inn (because I love old places!) and we stayed for the night, talking, eating out, and just spending time together. It was so nice!

  3. My 16th birthday was pretty much a regular birthday. My birthday is Feb.so you can't really have a fun fancy party.

  4. For my 16th it would be pretty cool to have a HP birthday party... but I'd probably do that this year or something. 2 whole years is too long to wait for that. :)

  5. OMG Anna Gray you outdid urself yet again. I can't beleive how beautiful these pictures are!! Magnificent to say the least!! Post all on FB when u get a chance to!!!
    Beth (the bday girl)

  6. That cake is UHHHH-MAZINGGG!!! I totally believed the $200 thing for a minute...haha, you had fooled:D
    Pretty birthday girl! Looks like the party was fabulous!

  7. In reply to the two comments you left me:
    Yes, I do know Hannah R. we're pretty good friends. =)

    I'll look you up and friend you.

    In Christ,

    P.S. Are you auditioning for Annie this season?

  8. Sweet! I love being asked to be the photographer :) heehee What kind a camera do you got, girlie?

    ~Miss Raquel

  9. My dream for my sixteenth bday. I have no clue! I think I would just swim and roller-blade. And eat cake!


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