dear Grammer, happy 100th birthday!

My great-grandmother (who we call "Grammer") turned 100 years old today, hence the title of this here post. Yep, that's right - she was born in 1911. A century ago. Impressive, huh? She got to go through all kinds of eras...

Let me start off by saying that for being 100 years old, she is in pretty darn good shape. She has no hearing aid, no wheel chair, and her mind is as sharp as a nail. Sometimes she will even leave her walker and walk on her own. She is just a *little* bit strong-willed - but that is ok.

I would like for you lovelies to take a peek into the early 1900s with me and meet my great-grandmother, Arvan.
Grammer is in the tiny one in the rocking chair. Her older sister, Pearl, is beside her.

She is in the plaid dress

Once upon a time, there were two girls named Pearl and Arvan. They were outdoors when they suddenly witnessed a strange looking machine actually IN the air. They followed this rather strange machine into a field where it landed and a man hopped out of it. He asked if anybody would like to take a ride in this biplane, so Pearl and Arvin raised their hands and went for a short little ride.
^True story. That was when airplanes were first invented and that was Grammer's first airplane ride and only airplane ride in her entire life.

I believe she told us this was her senior picture in high-school.

Christmas 2010.

Would you all share some love and wish her a happy 100th? Yes? Wonderful.

Happy 100th birthday, Grammer!


  1. Awww...tell Grammer I said Hello and happy birthday! Long live grammer!
    - Bailey

  2. Happy birthday!!! 100 is a long time! Those pictures are so cool... I love her senior picture! She's so pretty!

  3. happy 100th, grammer! how awesome is that :))
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: if that was her senior high school picture, them i want to go to high school now. seriously. what glamorousness :))}

  4. Anna Gray&#39;s MomOctober 20, 2011 at 7:10 AM

    Happy Birthday Grammer!!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Allie's Grammer! 100 years is so neat!! :)

  6. Wow, Happy Birthday to your Grammer! It takes a lot to get that far!

  7. wow! my great grandmother lived to be 99...she died last year. but she's in heaven with her lord + husband. =) she was ready to go.

  8. Happy Birthday! :) 100 years is a huge accomplishment. My Great-grandma (Una Mae) is 96, but her health isn't doing well right now. I had a Great-grandpa (Pappy or Jacob) who lived to be 100 and 2 months! :)


  9. wow. Happy birthday to your grammer!

  10. Wow, I love this! Those pictures are amazing! A big Happy Birthday to your Grammer!

  11. incredible! happy happy birthday!

  12. Wow! Happy birthday! My Great Granny is 95, I hope she makes it to 100.

  13. She is beautiful...and so cute! :) haha! Happy Birthday!! Those pictures are so neat!

  14. Wow! That is awesome. Happy birthday!

  15. Not to Grammer:
    Happy Birthday! 100 is quite a big one. :) Today is also my birthday! I am only 13 though - I've got quite a way to go. :)


  16. Your Grammer sounds like a really amazing person. She is still beautiful! Happy 100th birthday!

  17. That is just amazing! I would love to sit down and just hear her stories about how much things have changed. I think her lifetime would be the best time to live that long.....so many technological changes. Happy 100th Birthday to her!!

  18. Wow--100 years old! God has blessed her with a wonderfully long life, and I'll bet she has some amazing stories to tell! ;) Happy Birthday to your Grammer (what a cute name--we call our grandma "Grammy." :)!


  19. whoa...100 years. and *gasp!* she got to live in the 40s and 50s...anyways, tell her happy birthday for me! that's wonderful that you have all those pictures of her :)
    ~simi (giveaway at my blog!)

  20. An absolute beauty!! congrats on 100 what a wonderful rounded number :) One of my favorite artists lived till 105 Beatrice Wood, a potter who made the most wonderful lusterware.

    HUGS Lorraine
    and I am not following.

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