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I could ramble on and on about Christmas because there was oh-so-much that I loved about it. Instead though, I have created a little list with some of my favorite things.

In no specific order...
Awakening at an ungodly hour and knowing it was Christmas day//Waking up the whole family//Christmas music//Unwrapping gifts//Taking photos of my parents unwrapping their gifts//Snitching several many pieces of chocolate//Traveling to South Carolina//The scent of supper cooking//Lounging around & chit-chatting//Feeling gifts and wondering what they were//Eating wonderful supper cooked by my grandmother//Being fascinated by gifts

Also, I linking up with Rachel's favorite photo of 2011.

A few of my favorite photos from 2011 {And when I say "few", I mean few. There are so many that I love}.
 {my family's photo for our Christmas card 2011}

 {first purchase from forever 21: shoes}

 {my best friend and her two sisters}

 {brother & sister. This was from a family photo shoot I did a few weeks ago}

 {one of the cutest toddlers in the entire universe: lydia.}

 {jenny & jeremy: engaged.}

 {my two silly and awesome friends (who are sisters): beth & breanna.}

 {Kiley and me trying on pumps in Cato}

{leaf drenched in water after a thunderstorm.}

 {chocolate milk. oh yes.}

{One of the very first photos I took the day I got my Nikon D3000.}

{goofing off with emily grace & kiley.}


Probably my favorite photo from 2011. This shows the epitome of friendship and I will treasure this photo forever. And yes - that is, in fact, yours truly that they are holding.

favorite photo 2011

What are some of your favorite things from 2011?


  1. ohmygoshhhhh! How much for the shoes?!!?

  2. the shoes the shoes the shoes. i want the shoes. that is all.
    -jocee <3

  3. Love the pictures!
    Espically the last one!
    You are such a SPECTACULAR photographer!

  4. WHOO! I love this post. It makes me remember all the fun things that happened this year :D

  5. Um, those shoes? Aboslutely, completely, totally gorgeous. And I love that last photo too :)
    p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog, if you'd like to join! (ends tomorrow.)

  6. Great photos. Thanks for linking up with us- Sam, of Sam's Noggin great genius who thought of this link-up. ;)

  7. Lovely photos, dear! I especially like that last one - it really portrays the familly-like ties of friendship. :D



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