a letter to winter

Dear Winter,
  Thank you so much for finally reaching the plains of North Carolina. I truly do appreciate it. I was unsure if we were going to even get any cold weather or not. After all, during December we were having almost seventy-degree weather!

When I stepped outside today, it was quite lovely to have your bitterly cold wind nipping away at my face. The glacial atmosphere also brought great joy and delight to me. No seriously, it really did! I am aware that most people loathe this type of weather, but I adore it. Once again, thank you for arriving for these few months.

Anna Gray xo

p.s. Would you mind sending us some snow?


>>As a side note<<

I am starting up an F.A.Q. page, so feel free to ask any questions you would like!


  1. I totally agree!!! Some snow would be very very very nice. Afterall, we have waited a lot longer than most for winter to finally say hello!

  2. I live in NC as well; Eastern Coast. So happy to have the cold weather knock on my door. I'm tired of wearing shorts and a t-shirt in January.

  3. amen to snow. but it's sad because i live in texas and that's mostly not going to happen until february for a few hours.
    -jocee <3

  4. Heyyyy, you live in NC?! (I'm just now reading this post). Me too! Yeah, I've been rather unappreciative of this winter weather. What I said to the sky the other day: "Well, alrighty then! If you're gonna be so muggy, why don't you just hit 80 and be sunny? Let's go swimming!" Yeah... Where I am we've had some snow, but not enough to do anything... like sledding... Today (Jan 8) I took my jacket to church because I wanted to, though I would've been fine without it. Sigh.


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