spring's palette

  It feels as if everything around you has suddenly been painted in pastels. The dull-brown grass is renewed with luscious greenery and the naked trees and bushes with blossoming flowers. The happy little twittering birds are once again taking a dip in the bird bath or pecking around at the feeder. The warm sunshine flashes down, bright on the Earth, transforming the pastels into more vivid shades. Spring has awakened.

  Today has been a good one. The windows have stayed opened, allowing a slight breeze to trail through along with the scent of freshly cut grass. I have spent the day relaxing in my bedroom, listening to the birds chirping, and finishing up some school work + sipping a lemonade from Lexington Drug -- pure Heaven. These kinds of days are my favorite.

  As a side note -- My sweet friend Kimberly, over at Amusing, has inspired me to make a video answering questions of yours. Have any questions? Ask away and I will answer them on video soon!


  1. Here are some questions!
    How long have you been a photographer?
    What is your favorite part of taking pictures?
    Any Advice?
    Hope that helps!

  2. the colors are just lovely, aren't they! pretty pictures, sweet gal!

  3. Yes, "spring has sprung" here too and I'm with you, I love it! Your pictures are so pretty and I look forward to the video. What fun! Have an awesome weekend dear!

  4. Looking at these pictures is making me sad because Sydney is settling into autumn at the moment :( I hope you have a fantastic spring! It's looking pretty amazing already :P

  5. Beautiful photos. I like the third shot.

  6. You take amazing photos! I echo Bethany; the third shot is gorgeous.


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