Staying Content

  It is so hard to stay content with what you have when there are all these people getting things or privileges that you don't have, ya'know?

I look at these girls getting better cameras and lenses than what I have, and I can't help but feel this spurt of envy. I am suddenly discontent with my wonderful little D3000. I wish I could have a better camera.

Then I snap back into reality. For seven months, I saved and worked and saved and worked for that camera. I worked and saved hard. Every dollar I received was instantly placed into the flimsy little sandwich bag titled, "$$$ for Nikon D3000". Finally, in June of last year, I gathered up all of that money and purchased my beautiful camera that I proudly called Sasha.. I was in seventh Heaven. I couldn't have been happier and I took pictures day after day, in awe of the little beauty.

Yet when I peer over at Sasha, I sometimes feel this bit of discontent, wishing instead I could have something better.

But I realize...

I am privileged to even have a nice camera
I get photography jobs by using that camera
I am able to be creative and form art with that camera

Why by ungrateful when God gave me something spectacular to be grateful for?

Today, I am beyond grateful for my D3000, Sasha.

What are you grateful for?


  1. Oh my word, do we have the same brain??? A week ago, I made a post almost exactly like this... Too weird! My little 30D can't be used for sessions anymore, and I can get so frustrated with it, but then I remember how excited I was to receive it, and how blessed I am still to have it :)

  2. (For some reason the "reply" button isn't working. Hmmm...).

    You did, didn't you?! Ha! I swear I wasn't copying you. I totally forgot about that post of yours. I think we do have the same brain. Or something along those lines. So, so sorry to hear about your 30D, but you sure do have a good attitude about the whole situation! I just keep having to think like you do; I am very, very blessed with what I do have. :)

  3. Wonderful post Anna. I'm always looking at other girls crazy photography skills,their cameras and their lens. =) I got my first DSLR a little over a month ago,so definitely been looking at lens then remember no money in my wallet. ;0 snap!
    I've been looking at colleges and places I want to go and not being content with where God has me right now and what He has given me right now. (Trust me I have a lot compared to at least 50% or the world.)

    Great post,great reminder. Thanks.

  4. Girl, I feel you, believe it or not! I am getting a nice camera tomorrow but I had my Rebel for three years and made more money than I would've ever imagined!! I worked what I had and finally, I've saved enough for a new one! Don't let it get you down! Your time will come and for now, keep taking amazing pictures like you do! :D

  5. That sounds like what I always say... unfortunately. comaplaining and unhappy. But you're so right! And what beautiful pictures, Anna. :)


  6. Aww! This is so sweet! I have the very same camera, and have felt those tiny creepings of "you NEED a better camera..." But I guess Baby and I have quite a few more miles to go with each other ;-) I'm thankful for her today.



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