Hello, my name is Anna Gray Smith, and...

My hangout clothes are an old, raggedy pair of rompers
acne is sprinkled all over my face
I don't wear a lick of makeup around the house
the vanity in my room has a lovely pile of papers and various other belongings stacked up on it
I cry over stupid stuff
it takes a whole lot of snaps to get the right photo of me

 I stay on a great exercise routine for about three weeks and then quit
I like fast-food,
I don't drink enough water
I look quite scary horrifying when I first wake up
I laugh at myself when nobody else thinks what I say is funny
quite a bit of my photos turn out blurry
I don't own a moleskine or a single piece of vintage clothing
I am not the healthiest eater

I could easily pass for Mr. Spock when my bangs aren't fixed properly,
 I don't have a Mac
 my money burns holes through my pockets
I feel rather awkward and quiet with large groups of teenagers 
my toenail polish chips frequently and I don't touch it up for days
I don't make straight A scores
I jump to conclusions way too quickly 

though I enjoy expressing my opinions, I am certainly not a pro debater or even close to a great debater
no matter how much I trim and file my nails, they are never perfectly even
I have the world's worst hand writing  
I don't own any pretty patterned duct tape
I am pale as a ghost
I eat way too much sugar filled goodness
I worry like crazy 
I'm not perfect.

That is part of who I am.

Who are you?


  1. my best friend is pale as a ghost. we're trying to figure out if she's a vampire. but back to subject.
    i love this. and i'm trying to better my handwriting for signing autographs when i'm famous. just so you know.

  2. hahahaha this is so me! i NEVER touch my nail polish up for like... ever. sometimes it'll stay in little chips for a few months. ;)

  3. Ahh, I love it when bloggers post like this. So often we get the my-life-is-so-perfect-aren't-you-jealous? view. But honestly, for the truly imperfect and sometimes insecure ones of us, it's great to know that some people are just like us, and they're not afraid to show it. Thanks, Anna!


  4. Thank you so much for posting this, Anna! It truly made my day, just someone saying "Hey, dude. Chill, I'm not perfect!" Really amazing.

  5. And without all of these quirks and imperfections you wouldn't be the person you are today! Love this post and nice photos! :) A lot of those things you said I can relate to as well.

  6. I really really loved this, Anna. :) Truly. You're amazing, and I respect/admire you ALOT.


  7. oh, anna, anna, anna, anna.

    you are amazing. let me say this again,


    all these so-called failures are what make you beautiful, lovely, wonderful and unique. i love you because of your authenticity.

    also, I was going to comment on your previous post, but I'll just say what I was going to say here: your photos are out-of-this world amazing. (ohmymy, yes! seriously!) that water splash picture is INCREDIBLE. (I had to use Caps Lock there, trust me.) I was staring at that picture for a while just going 'wow.' like, I was thinking... okay, I got to go do something else but - 'wow.' - no, I can't stop being in awe of anna gray's photos. the editing, sharpness and raw emotion in those pictures is too beautiful for words.

    you're wonderful, anna. serisouly x 983759576.



  8. This is beautiful :).
    I think I'm gonna do one of these soon :).

    keep up the good work!

    Love always,

  9. what a wonderful message. i think i'll follow suit and try doing this... i'll link back to you, of course :)


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