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Be mine

Baby feet




Some thoughts

I'm second shooting my first wedding August 4th (way excited about that!)

Pinterest is my newest addiction

Marilyn Monroe's biography is nothing short of amazing yet sad

I was asked by a 12 year old if I had any kids (cue cricket sound)

Lo and behold -- I actually did a couple watercolor paintings (miss Acacia inspired me)

I reached 120 likes on my photography page (Thanks guys!)

Do you have any thoughts or musings?


  1. These are amazing pictures! I have been asked a few times while babysitting if the kids were mine..... maybe its because I look much older than I am, or so they say. :)

  2. Love these, Anna! :) Oh, and I've been asked that too, by my five-year-old sister. She said "Bree, where are your babies?" Ohh dear...

    Yay for 2nd shooting a wedding!!! I can't wait to see the outcome. :)

  3. I want to give you a HUGE reward for doing a watercolour!!! -- I'm so incredibly happy for you! You must share a glimpse of it with us. ;)

    As always, your photos = drop-dead-gorgeous. No, seriously: wow.

    xx Acacia

  4. the black and whites are my faves!


    so you asked me about my cd sleeves and such... i designed them. it was super cheap. used washi tape, labels from staples and cd sleeves from amazon.

  5. What pretty pictures, Anna! I must admit, I laughed a bit when I read the part about being asked if you had any kids! Oh my!

  6. That second one... gorgeous! These are all fantastic. I'm second shooting my first wedding three weeks after you! Congrats!

  7. one. your photography is pure talent.
    two. PINTEREST IS MY NEWEST ADDICTION TOO!!! :P I can't seem to get off once I'm on.
    three. you're awesome. :D

    ♥ lindz

  8. lovely photos :)
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    Oh it's Juno

  9. Lovely pictures! You're doing your first wedding on August 4th? Um, so excited for pictures!!!

    Oh, and that post about you going to the X factor auditions was awesome! haha. :)

  10. have fun at the wedding! it will be a whirlwind but amazing all at once. rest up, too! and try to eat a piece of the cake. : )

  11. congrats on second shooting your first wedding! that's pretty incredible.
    And thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I don't really consider myself religious, but other than that it was so inspiring and helpful. It's really inspiring to know I'm not the only one who feels like this. So thank you so much. :)

  12. Beautiful photos! Ohh Pinterest is definetly addiciting! :) Congrats on reaching 120 likes!


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