We carefully coated our faces with makeup, trying to make it look flawless. Hair was curled, hair was straightened, you would've thought we were in the 80s there was so much hair spray, hair was combed to perfection. Dresses and high-heels were worn -- and we walked out of that house all majestic fancy-like with the scent of our perfume lingering out in the open.

And then (dramatic drum roll).....

We arrived at the coliseum and sweated a river which smeared the makeup a bit, and the humidity caused our hair to shrivel back up and become all frizzy. I must say though -- the sweatiness and frizzy hair was so, so, so worth it.

(all photo credit goes to Maddie, Taylor, and Kimmy)

When we got there to see the X Factor auditions, I totally knew we would have a blast. But not this much of a blast

One: The seven teens + myself got special ground level access tickets. Apparently they prefer to have teens for the cameras (guys, there were so many video cameras) rather than adults. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Two:  Right as we were about to head inside of the coliseum, an X Factor crew member unexpectedly came up to us and asked if we would be a part of a special filming for the show. We instantly agreed. She gathered a few more people and they just, well, -- filmed. Ha.

(where we stood for the filming)


Three: We sprinted across the coliseum in our high-heels to get good ground seats. We got on the 4th row and were about 10 feet away from the judges. I'm not even kidding.

Four: The show was fantastic + insanely fun in and of itself.

Five: Simon made eye contact and waved at me three times. One of those times was when there was a dead silence and I shouted, "I LOVE YOU SIMON!" and then the whole audience screamed. What can I say? I get adrenalin rush and am suddenly not a wall flower when I'm around famous people.

Britney and Demi are oh-so beautiful

Six: My friend's small group leader's (who came with us) niece auditioned. Sadly, she didn't make the cut, but she sang well and we enjoyed watching her nonetheless!

Seven: Lightning struck the coliseum three times. It was terrifying. There was a massive storm for about an hour and a half while we were there. Somebody would be auditioning, everybody screaming and clapping, and then -- we would hear something like a sonic boom and suddenly a bunch of lights would go out. It was kind of cool yet in a terrifying way though.

Eight: You know the guest judge L.A. Reid? Well, he was getting ready to go backstage, but Breanna and I sprinted across the floor and I practically begged him, "Wait! Can I hug you? Can I like please hug you?!" So I gave him a hug. A legit two armed hug. And he smelled good -- just thought I'd throw that out there.
Simon, Britney, Demi, L.A.

This was a wonderful experience that I will remember forever.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I'M SO JEALOUS! I love Simon!!! Looks like ya'll had a blast:)

  2. Aw how much fun!!! And *ahem* Demi's hair looks special...haha...


  3. I WENT TO THIS, TOO!! On Sunday night. SO much fun!! It was me and my bffs' last "woohoo let's do something that we'll probably never get to do again" activity before I move to Kenya. I loved it!

  4. We went to this for last years season 2nd to last one!


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