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        September 6th was the last time I posted on this little blog of mine. That was 4 month ago. I thought I was doing a pretty good job updating and feeding you photo candy.

Well, things have changed since then (blogger wise).

Back in April of 2012, I hastily clicked the "Publish" button, and let you all read about how I found my Niche. I explained in one of the paragraphs, "My niche is expressing myself through my own simple thoughts and photos." And it was. That post was honest and real. I posted throughout the summer, thoroughly enjoyed giving you all the "biggest scoop" on what was going on, and loading new photos for your anxious little eyes to see. I posted just a bit during the school year, and posted once on September 6th. After that, things changed.

I did not intend to take such a long break from blogging. In fact, I wanted to blog, I just could not find the time for a while. Along the way though, I figured out something -- I did not want to blog anymore. Why? Here is a little story for you:

I don't feel like I'm in a community of bloggers that is truly....erm...how should I put this? Real? Themselves (I only see a few sprinkled out there)? Blogger comments, blogger follows. You comment back on their blog, you follow their blog. Blogger doesn't get enough comments from you. Blogger unfollows. Blogger really just wanted you to follow their blog and really was not interested in you (true story, bro). Blogging seems to be all about getting followers, posting things that are merely eye candy, staying popular, staying fresh, staying new, keeping up with every single blogger trend (read my sarcastic yet sincere guest post here), and doing everything to avoid being yourself. Everyone and their brother's purpose is to "express themselves through photos" (there's nothing wrong with that, but it does seem a little fishy that 50+ bloggers are doing it), everyone posts about how they are a thrifter and prefer things vintage, everyone suddenly "finds their niche", everyone suddenly rebrands, everyone talks about "how to be yourself" yet they are being nothing but hypocritical, everyone thinks there is meaning in a photo of your grimy feet, shred of grass, piece of dirt and cover it up with, "I like to find beauty in the smallest things" (Let me say -- I used to be incredibly guilty of that. Sounds like a legit excuse though, so why not use it?).

 Now, I am not pointing fingers at any certain blogger and I am not saying that any of that is "wrong" -- I'm going based on what I have seen as a whole, myself included in many of those categories.

Basically, I'm going to be blogging again. However, I have no set "theme" for my blog. It is no longer a "telling stories through photos only" blog, etc. It will now be more of a journal. Whenever I feel like posting, I will post. I may post 5 times in one day, I may post once every 3 months. I will post whatever I'd like though. I know we always say to "be yourself and post what you'd like", but really, secretly, there is the expected type of post that readers look for. If you plan on sticking around -- don't count on a menagerie of photos, a few creative sounding words, and maybe a witty sentence for every single post. This blog, as I stated before, will be more of a journal -- I will post whatever I feel the need to post, whatever is on my mind, whatever issue has been tugging at me, whatever God has told me to post, etc.

And yes -- there is a new name. Why? #1 The name "Anna Gray" for a blog seemed way too self-centered. It's not like I'm Paris Hilton and can use my name as everything. #2 I used those 2 words in a tweet and it sounded like a nice little blog name. Nifty, huh? ;) The design is rather shoddy, but that's okay. It works, it makes it feel homey enough, and I like it well enough.



  1. Yay! Your back! I'm so excited to see your up coming posts. :)

  2. I'm with Jo glad your back. And I know exactly how you feel, I honestly feel like I'm going to stop blogging sometimes myself,but I love blogging,so I can't! =)
    Can't wait for your blog posts again. I was almost like "imaginative enthusiasm??" when did I follow that blog,and then I saw the author and did a happy dance.

  3. I'm glad you're back:)
    and wow. this is so true. I had been beginning to see a lot of this myself in the blogging community (me being guilty too!). I have been thinking about it a lot. I'm glad you posted this!

    thank you for sharing and happy to see you back here:)
    (oh, and I really love following you on Twitter, too:)

  4. THANK-YOU! THIS. I have been feeling the exact same way, and I was frustrated because I thought nobody felt the same way. All the post on "being authentic and real" ended up being even more cliche`. I've been on a personal journey trying to find beauty in the small things. Last summer/fall I found that I was just living everyday life waiting for all the big things to come along, and then I realized that my life could end any second. And God just shook me on something: what kind of legacy would I leave behind me? I started finding beauty in the little things, like "I love you's" from my little foster brothers, and dirty dishes because it meant we had food to eat.
    It has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. But, back on track. I literally have no clue how I got on that trail. I am excited to see more of YOU on here. And I am excited to hear what God has been showing and teaching you.

  5. Yes.
    I just... don't even know what to say, you've said it all. Every blogger tries to break the cliched "mold" that "breaking the mold" is so cliche and overdone in itself. To be original, to truly know what that means and not just say you'll start to be it from now on, is rare, hard, and something to be praised.

  6. Thank you!
    I'm taking a half way blogger break while I'm out of the country. I have scheduled posts, and once a week I try to update a little. I wasn't planning on being here two months so I've only scheduled for the month of Feb. and I'm looking forward to March. I think I'm going to quit blogging for then. I was just saying to myself last night how refreshing it is to not be constantly feeding my mind with all the blogging and being real trends. i.e pinterest and many of my fave blogs. So maybe once i get back home, I'll know myself a little better. Maybe after being surrounded by different people and different experiences and less cliches i'll learn more about me. and now i'm rambling, but what i think i'm trying to say is thank you for writing this. thank you for being real. we need more of that. and i wanna be that. but first i must figure myself out a little more without the help of pinterest and cookie cutter blogs.

  7. You're completely right. Be yourself and do your own thing. That's all that matters.

    Anna x

  8. So happy to see you back!
    I really respect you for going out and saying all that, because it's completely right.
    Blogging should be about what you're inspired to write about.. not about what everyone else is doing. I admit, I've been guilty of it too.
    Anyways, I'm really happy your back, and being who you want, not just what's popular :)

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  10. Yes. Just... YES! It does become easy to conform (I guess?) to what "all the other bloggers" are doing. I do find it rather sad that bloggers, as well as the general public, become like their peers or "favorites" in attempt to "be real," sometimes forgetting to think on their own for a change. After all, didn't most bloggers start out in order to "truly express themselves how they wanted to?" (I just realized how many quotation marks I've used... Whatever.) In short...

    Dear Anna Gray,
    You've said it all perfectly.
    I'm glad your back (and journals for the win).
    Keep it classy and keep it real!
    xo MaryRachel


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