those affirmations

Do you ever have those times (or days....or weeks....maybe even months) where that dictator called your mind feeds you constant negativity? It's as if your mind makes you believe everything in your life is atrocious. But then -- then God sends you those little affirmations in the form of a person. He sends them to you as a way of saying, "Hey, keep your head held high -- you're doing great." Here's a little story for you:

The red in my hair has gone away completely.

"Your hair looks REALLY red today!"

Well those Crest Whitening strips didn't work.

"Have you been whitening your teeth? They look really white!"

I suck being this role.

"You are doing fantastic as Frenchy -- I am extremely impressed."

My photos really aren't that great.

"I want to be a photographer when I'm older.....actually, it's because of you that I want to be one."

I look like a zombie.

"You look beautiful today."

Great. My hair is back to being frizzy.

"Ok, your hair looks gorgeous. It looks so healthy!"

All I can say is -- thank you. Thank you God for sending me those affirmations. Thank you, affirmations.


  1. Oh! God is so kind to bring these kinds of comments our way to encourage us. It's like He's saying that we shouldn't put ourselves down and that He loves us. :)

    Loved this.



  2. this is so beautiful. I had some of the same things this week, one of the days when I was feeling disgusted about myself and my hair was so frizzy and everything was pretty much a shamble, I had two people randomly tell me that I was beautiful. I cried. God knew exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, and He used it as a reminder that I was made in his perfect plan.

  3. i needed this. i don't say it in that online gushy feeling "omg i needed this so much like you have no idea" and not do anything about it in real life way, i mean it in the "wow. i've been feeling this lately, just not in such a conscious way that i know how to address it" sort of way. i've been going through the motions with these thoughts, all petty, yet all pulling me down as though i'm falling in a dream. you know every time i look at myself in the mirror and think "i'm fat," everything about myself that i usually love becomes this disgusting mass that i want to chop off with a cleaver. oh my God, why did i just say that? i don't even know... the thing is, i love myself. i look in the mirror the majority of the time saying "dang, girl! you look freaking sexy today!" i'm not working on loving myself because working for me isn't really doing. you know? and those times when i feel too big, so unnecessary, so dumb, someone always says "oh, hey, jocelyn. you look nice today." or something like that. it doesn't matter what it is that i think negatively about myself (body or not). the Lord always puts people in place to show me that i'm the hottest chick in the universe. ;) :P but seriously, though.
    thank you so much. so so so so much.
    also your red hair is delicious and i wanna eat it with a side of velvet cupcakes. :) <3

  4. Don't you just love it when that happens? I see it as God's way to remind us that His handy work on us is perfect. Regardless to whether we always realize it or not. Because us saying that we're ugly,untalented, stupid, have bad hair.. It's kind of like slapping God in the face. He doesn't make mistakes.. And He made us didn't He? God's pretty awesome in how He reminds us of the truth :)


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