Today, I am 17.

I woke up this morning and it hit me: "I really am 17."

My day has been surrounded by the ocean, family, laughter, shopping in downtown Charleston, good food, and consuming far too much cookie cake. Another year celebrated.

It seems like just yesterday I was writing a post about turning 16 years old. To think that exactly one year from now I will be an adult and a rising senior is kind of terrifying, quite frankly. Naturally, I am a nostalgic girl, so I get just a bit sad about growing up. However, with growing up comes so much freedom, adventure, and maturity. I think Brooke Shaden put the concept of childhood a good way: "So many people grow up to enjoy adulthood because it is better than their childhood, or they forget all together how great childhood was. I chase my childhood every day."

I have learned this year that instead of letting the thought of growing up scare me, to let it be an adventure that awaits and as Brooke put it, "Chase my childhood every day."

I am so grateful for all of the unexpected doors God has opened and I look forward to seeing what all else is in store. Here's to another year of adventure and letting Jesus lead the way. 


  1. Great post! A very happy birthday to you, and May God bless you with a wonderful year! :)



  3. Happy Birthday!
    I know what you mean, at the end of next month I'm going to be 17, and it seems like I've just started to get older, it seems like just the other day I was entering the teenage stage. But then when you think about it you've been getting older for awhile.
    It's kinda exciting and sad in the same moment.
    Anyway, have a Happy Birthday Anna, full of God's blessings, and joy and laughter!


  4. Happy birthday, sweet lady! Praying that your year will be fabulous and full of grace, and Jesus! xx.

  5. okay...I seriously can't get over how gorgeous you are...inside and out. Just...ah!! Just stop!! You make me feel so inferior:P haha

    Love you bunches!! Happy 17th birthday, hun. You're amazing. Can't wait to see what God holds for this new year in your life!


  6. Eyy classy lady.. happy birthday to you gorgeous!

  7. awh--you are gorgeous!
    happy belated birthday:)

  8. Happy Birthday! I so feel you here. On the one hand growing up can be good - more freedom, people becoming more mature and more able for tolerance and better able to handle things. But then there's the bliss and worry free childhood (for many). So difficult to find the median.

    Anna x


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