A Kind of Awkward Service

At our small little church located in the middle of 'nowhere' today, the usual started. Mom, Drake (my brother), and I sat down on the second row, we did our hymns (which I hate singing), prayed, Mom read out of the bible, and then my dad started his sermon. So as my dad got about two minutes into the sermon I heard a snorting noise, I thought that it was just a certain man trying to not hork up mucus, but it wasn't. A man had fallen asleep and was SNORING literally the WHOLE entire rest of the service except for when we did the last hymn. I was laughing my head off so hard when he started snoring, that I had to cover my mouth with my hand. Halfway through the sermon he snored so loud that Mom laughed a little bit. You're probably thinking how disrespectful we were being (my mom being 41 years old and me 12), but what would you do if someone fell asleep the row across you and started snoring?! After the service was over, my dad told me that the guy who had fallen asleep had been sick and was on medicine which made him fall asleep. Now I kind of feel bad for laughing but seriously, it was hysterical!

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  1. Oh my word!
    That is hysterical ! I would die if I was there! No, I was reading the sequel to the Frog Princessa t art!!
    Emily Grace


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