Poodle Cats!

Have any of you ever in your whole entire life heard of a 'Poodle Cat?' Yea, I know it looks and sounds pretty disturbing. Can you believe people actually shave their dear cats (or kittens), to look like a poodle?! I know I would NEVER do that to a precious kitty! Ignore the woman in the third picture's armpit hair, tattoos, and her crazy hair. I know her...were BFF's.........totally JK (Joking)!!!! Have a lovely rest of the day, and I hope the pics didn't make you vomit.


  1. hey,
    Those poor kitties!:( I tried to imagine what princess what look like if she was a poodle cat!Scary! BTW I totally vomitted when I saw the pics! JK! I am SO kidding!

  2. BTW that comment was by Emily Grace


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