I Got a Baby-Sitting Job Yesturday!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while! I have been pretty busy lately, but I wanted to tell all of you readers that I got a baby-sitting job yesterday for an eight year old adopted girl from china. Her name is Li Li and she is SO funny, cute, and she can talk A LOT! She's picking up on her English very well even though she was just adopted last June and had a birthday recently. We had so much fun yesterday though. Let's see, we jump roped like a million times, hoola-hooped, colored, jumped on the trampoline, played ball, etc. She can drink a lot of orange juice too. She drank like 2 1/2 cups of orange juice and literally did NOT want an inkling of drink left. She's hilarious and she definitely has quite a personality. :D :D :D

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