Sorry all you readers for once AGAIN that I haven't posted for a while! I was getting caught up in the movie 'Gifted Hands.' So here is why I haven't posted for a while: Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt at our church, yesterday we had to get up at 5:50 in the morning for our church's sunrise service, then after the sunrise service, breakfast, an hour of prayer and singing (The grown ups did this), Sunday school, and THEN the actual service we grabbed lunch and then took off down the road to Greenwood South Carolina. I was absolutely EXHAUSTED yesterday. By the way, before I get started on the rest of this session (JK!!), I HAVE to tell you guys what happened in church yesterday! Ok, so Mom, Drake and I were sitting down as usual on the third row, and while Daddy was doing his sermon, we heard this man sitting right behind us 'burping,' it was hilarious but disgusting! He would burp very loudly and then blow out air. I could see Mom smiling slightly trying not to laugh, but I don't think that I helped any when I had to cover my mouth because I was laughing so hard!!! After the service was over, while we were driving off, we talked about the guy burping and Drake informed us that he could feel the air of the burps blowing on his neck. He said that he didn't know if he was imagining it, or if it was really happening, but Mom said she was sorry, but it probably was really happening. So ya, one week someone is horking up a surprise, one weeks someone is snoring, and yesterday someone was burping. What a lovely Easter service. So anyway, back to the subject of South Carolina. I slept in 'til 9:33 this morning and I hope that I can sleep pretty late tomorrow as well. So yes, I'm posting from South Carolina right now. My grandparents computer is very nice to type on, it has a way better spell check than our laptops at home do! I hope you all had a great Easter yesterday, I know I definitely did. I got $5, a chocolate bunny, etc. We don't do the whole big candy/toy thing, because who needs all that stuff anyway? Don't we get just enough 'stuff' during the year?! Well not necessarily a 'toy' I don't buy toys, for me it's more like chocolate and nail polish, etc. Easter isn't about toys anyway. Now a day, people take Easter to a ridiculous extent. If you step into Wal-Mart during FEBRUARY they already will have some Easter stuff setting out, and if you go into Wal-Mart when the actual 'Easter season' comes around they have these cheesy pre-made Easter baskets with all kinds of plastic junk. I just don't get the point of why people want to give their kids so much for Easter! I mean don't they probably get a whole lot for their birthday and and Christmas? Holidays are just taken so far now, I about can't stand it. So enough with my babbling, I just hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!!!


  1. Eww!
    Burping is so gross!! Was the movie you were watching called: Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story?? I love that movie! What did you think of it??
    Emily Grace

  2. Hey Anna Gray! Did you wear your high heels on Easter? The guy burping in church and blowing it on Drake is completely disgusting! Hope you have a great week. I miss seeing you!

  3. Uuuugh... don't remind me. I felt like puking. As for what I thought of Gifted Hands, I thought it was pretty good, although the brain scenes were sick and gory.


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