Our Cousins are Coming!!!!

Yay! Friday our cousins from Wake Forest are coming to spend the weekend with us! I am so excited! Their names are Rachael (6 yrs. old, and has a b-day coming up), and Seth who turned 5 on Valentine's Day! They are such funny, sweet, and wild balls of energy! Almost EVERYONE says that Rachael and I look alike, some people even think that we're sisters. Funny huh? You should see pics of my mom when she was Rachael's age, omg (oh my gosh), they looked JUST alike, it is like freakish how much they look alike. Although we don't see them much since they live so far away, we always have a blast with them when we get together like at the beach (along with our grandparents), Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Hopefully by next Sunday or Monday I will have a video and pics of us with them. Happy Blogging!

-A.G. :D :O :)

P.S. If you see on any of my posts that I say 'omg,' I mean 'oh my gosh.' So there, now I don't have to keep putting in parentheses (Oh my gosh).

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  1. Have fun with your cousins!!
    How did you know about Rachel's blog??


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